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"When we hired Stephanie and her team, I didn't know where to start with planning a wedding. In one word: OVERWHELMED. She stepped in, with such confidence and reassurance, and took care of everything—I didn't have to worry about one thing. Her favorite words were 'Just trust me.' and we did... My wedding day was virtually stress-free. If there was a problem, I never even knew about it."


-Jesse & Erin


Stephanie & her assistant Melissa handled our wedding this weekend, and I'm not kidding when I say that they saved the wedding. In the preceding month, she was very on top of things and responsive and made sure she knew the game plan for the day. I knew my event was in good hands with her, and I was able to relax when I handed her the magic wedding binder at noon. As I was getting ready to walk out the bridal suite with my dad four hours later, heading to the aisle, she came in to let me know that our officiant wasn't there. Not only that, he didn't have us scheduled at all. But she had already handled everything - she had tracked him

down, convinced him that he was actually hired for our wedding that day,

and he was on his way. She had worked with my fiancee to come up with

an alternate timeline to keep our guests happy in the meantime and put it

into place - she opened the bar, brought out the appetizers, and set up a first

look for my now husband and I while we waited for him to arrive. She turned

what could have been a nightmare into a zero stress situation for me - I didn't

even know anything was wrong until it was almost fixed. That was pretty

much how our whole experience was - every time I needed something, I

turned around and Stephanie was there with a bottle of water, or my flats, or

scissors to open a present that just couldn't wait. I originally didn't even think

I needed a day of coordinator, but I am SO glad that I worked with her. I really

didn't have to worry about a thing once she arrived! If you are looking for a

first class problem solver and fantastic coordinator, I highly recommend

Stephanie and her team.

-Anna & Simon


"Stephanie!!! Planner of life!! When I tell you our wedding went above and beyond our expectations... we're still wishing we could relive it all over again, I noticed every single detail that you enhanced... You truly, truly outdid yourself and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. You were definitely our best vendor decision and I can't wait for the referrals requests to start pouring in!"


-Kehinde & Kenny

"We made the decision, last minute, to hire a Day-of-Coordinator... and it was the best decision we could have possibly made. As a DIY bride, I made everything from the floral arrangements to the centerpieces, but how was I going to get all of these out and decorated while actually being in the wedding?? Aika and Stephanie stepped in and you would think they were there since day one! What a relief and joy to be able to spend the day with our friends and family and enjoy the time, rather than worrying about everything getting put in the proper place. You guys rock and I would recommend your services to anyone who asks. Forever grateful."


-Brittany & Dom

"Thank you Stephanie for an amazing babyshower. You came through with a design that was simple and elegant despite our limited budget. I do not think we will ever be able to thank you enough."


- Sin (Sinclaire)

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